If you’re a Pokémon fan, here are 5 Play-to-earn games from the resource’s regular video column with the same name that might interest you. Let’s take a look at what these games are.

NFT Champions

The composition of your team will be a key determining factor in how well players rank in matches. The individual stats of NFTs will determine block rate, base attack strength, skill attack strength, accuracy, speed, MP, Health, Regeneration, Resistance to debuffs, and the success rate of Counters. In addition to base stats and special attack skills, NFTs also have unique traits that give them various abilities. As an example – EX: Beast King: Obtains a defense & speed buff when left as the last fighter. These components are used to provide a key skill gap that will keep gameplay competitive.


Chainmonsters is a massive multiplayer online RPG where you catch, battle, trade, explore, and combine different types of monsters and abilities to create your own style of play. The game’s action unfolds in the lands of Anchora, where are 161 Chainmons exist. Each creature has its own unique abilities. By collecting as many different ones as possible, you can create your own unique custom experience that you like. No game subscription required.


Revomon is an exciting new online RPG metaverse that combines an incredible, immersive virtual-reality experience with the ground-breaking technology behind NFTs. This synergy will allow for the creation of real value in a virtual world by leveraging blockchain technology.

Developers have created a metaverse where players can socialize with each other while hunting for wild Revomon. Think Axie Infinity meets Pokémon Go but in a fully immersive VR environment. The game itself combines VR experiences such as grabbing, throwing, shooting and free movement with disruptive innovations that are only possible through blockchain technology.

The DeFimons

Defimons is a MMORPG metaverse that uses NFTs for in-game skins, items, apartments, monsters etc.

The core values of Defimons are usability and reachability. The game is built using basic technologies such as Javascript and built to run even on the lowest-end devices.

With a low bar of entry into the game and low system requirements, their vision is to introduce new users to Blockchain and Defi as fun and enjoyable while allowing them to interact with a larger audience.

Defimons, Pokemon NFT


Cryptonom is a blockchain developed digital creature ecosystem powered by the Enjin Platform.

Search for Cryptonom (or NOMs for short) in varied environments, and build the team that fits your own play style. Collect, level-up, evolve and cache your NOMs to build the very best team you can. Along your journey there will be many obstacles and challenges but with focus and determination (and great Cryptonom by your side) your story can be forged.

Side note: hyper-casual games market review: July 2022.