André Noller, game lead at Sunday, shared an article of 3 steps to generate good game ideas.

Summary of the problems! Where to focus? Too many options can cause “analysis paralysis”! You need to constantly produce ideas! Be new, but not too new! Don’t randomly ideate without thinking about your audience! Your ideas need to be familiar with your audience, but also break this familiarity in novel ways!

Step 1: Commit!

Before you start: Know what you want to make! Pick a promising market opportunity to meet an audience demand!

Step 2: Pre-Ideation!

Before you ideate: Gather inspiration! Research the best practice in the direction you want to commit to! Define in what direction you want to differentiate!

Step 3: Ideation!

Work with your inspiration! Use creativity techniques to produce lots of ideas fast! Profit from market trends when ideating!

Let’s summarize!

Commit on the type of game you want to make before you ideate! Pre-Ideate by searching inspiring and “proven to have an audience” references! Ideate on the concept that excites you and your team the most!