Since its founding in August 2021, 10K Riders has created 100 game projects with 78 studios, attracting the attention of investors. Embria, a European venture capital firm, announced a $500,000 seed investment in F2P publisher 10K Riders.

A creative and robust approach to co-creating projects, bringing developers together to share resources and expertise, is the foundation of 10K Riders. With this concept, 10K Riders hope to solve the problem of developers wasting effort and resources on projects the market doesn’t want.

Today’s mobile gaming industry is changeable. The company offers an approach that will ensure sustained success. 10K Riders is committed to sharing knowledge and resources with studios and offers a clear path from concept stage to product launch

Ilia Tumenko, founder and CEO of 10K Riders

A new approach to collaborative development

Co-creation of games is far from a new method, but 10K Riders say it’s using a new way: scrutinizing initial ideas and selecting a team with the necessary skills and experience. The developer will also have access to asset packages and art direction resources, which will reduce the cost of creating the project.

The publisher has up to 40 teams working simultaneously on concepts. Each brings their own vision for the game’s style, genre, and setting. Through this method, 10K Riders are confident in the success of the games it creates.

The investment in 10K Riders is a great opportunity for Embria to support an experienced, ambitious team. The company shares the support of talent and sees the potential in collaborative mobile game development

Stan Gorozhankin, head of analytics at Embria
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