Appodeal has shared a report on the eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) in mobile apps for the Christmas season 2022.

The US has traditionally had the highest eCPM for almost all ad formats. For full-screen ads on Android in the States, it is $12.42 (on iOS it is $9.44). The only exception was banner ads on iOS – its metric is highest in Australia ($0.31).


The advertising market has not fully returned to pre-COVID-19 levels. Before Christmas 2022, the eCPM for rewarded, full-screen and banner ads on iOS is lower in almost all countries than before Christmas 2019. On Android, the situation is better – the metric has shown good growth, catching up and in some places even overtaking the figures of three years ago.

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Taiwan was the leader in terms of the ratio of impressions to reward advertising revenue – 8.9% on iOS and 8.62% on Android. The revenue share of this advertising format was 56.27%.