EA is closing Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile, the company announced on its website. The news shocked many, although we recently wrote that the game brought the company more than $13 million in revenue within a month of launch. The game’s servers will close on May 1, 2023. We decided to dig a little deeper to understand the real reasons for closing the project and what has been happening with this company in the past few years.

One of the most successful gaming corporations in history. You can love Electronic Arts, or you can hate it, but the contribution it made to the industry is great.

Apex Legends Success and Analytics

Apex Legends Mobile was released in 2022. Battle Royale received positive reviews from players and earned the title of “Game of the Year” by Apple, Google, and Google Play users.

According to the once-great company EA, the developers decided to stop developing Apex Legends Mobile because the latest updates stopped meeting player expectations. But this reason seems as strange as possible.

EA is closing Apex Legends
Apex Legends analytics from AppMagic

As we can see, over the course of the game’s existence, it brought in about $40 million for developers. In recent months there has been a drop in revenue, and it’s not because the updates have stopped meeting player expectations, but rather because the updates are not meeting player expectations!

EA is closing Apex Legends, for no good reason and no refund

As of January 31, EA has disabled the ability to make in-game purchases. There will be no refunds for purchases already made, of course. Some people have spent hundreds of dollars on Battle Royale because they had no idea it would be cancelled so soon.

If players don’t want to donate for three hundred different currencies, does that mean the game should be shut down? The PC version of the game is still running, but it seems to us that this will be the case as long as players are paying off the skins no one wants. EA is still turning a blind eye to the game’s problems, with each update adding as many ways as possible to add revenue.

At one time, the company poured an estimated $200 million into Star Wars: The Old Republic, which launched in 2011. This next and not the most successful “killer” of World of Warcraft still exists to this day, but it is barely developing.

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Battlefield Mobile and the lost potential

We recently wrote that Battlefield Mobile is one of the most anticipated mobile games of 2023! Unlike the Call of Duty series, which moved to mobile devices back in 2019, the Battlefield series is still exclusively representative of PC and consoles.

Battlefield Mobile was in development and has not officially been released. In November 2022, developers launched an open beta test of the game in 5 countries. The game was cancelled to focus on an updated vision of the franchise and meet the expectations of fans of the series.

EA will close down Industrial Toys, the studio that developed the anticipated shooter.


There are quite a few well-known brands buried in the bowels of the company. Everyone has heard of Dune and Command & Conquer, Medal of Honor, Populous, Dungeon Keeper, Road Rash, Wing Commander and Ultima.

It is unclear why it was necessary to release Titanfall 2, which was very successful, to kill it with useless updates, while it was possible to expand the universe by updating modes and Titans.

A similar question about Need For Speed 2015, support for which stopped after 1 year! The game could have been a direct competitor to the Forza Horizon series. What was stopping the developers from expanding the map, updating the fleet and adding new tuning elements? Greed, desire for profit and something else…

Need For Speed 2015

Often EA just didn’t know how to develop the success of this or that series and, not seeing the profit – closed projects, and transferred developers to more (in their humble opinion) promising projects. And so it turned out that a lot of once popular game universes have been forgotten, thanks to Electronic Arts.

In addition to pity for the players who spent the money and waited for the projects, there are lessons to be learned. Some still carry money to EA and are surprised when they act like EA.