This June, the popular E3 2023 gaming exhibition will not feature the entire three industry giants of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft for the first time in many years. The show itself returns to Los Angeles.

A side note: Microsoft invests in web3

Worth noting is the fact that, for the first time, they won’t all be there together. Sony had previously declined to attend the conference, at which it has not appeared since 2019. Microsoft Corporation said in January that it would hold presentations this summer, but there was no direct mention of the show. Nintendo, then there’s no need for a conference for them: the company presents all new games via their Direct video conferences. In addition, all releases for them will take place mostly before the exhibition, which overrides the need for it.

With the growing popularity of other game shows, the popularity of E3 is becoming more and more questionable every year. However, there is no question of closing the conference altogether, as a huge number of players and publishers are still collaborating and watching for new products through E3.

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