DeFi Kingdoms is introducing Locked Token Utility in a special event. The players can also use the Heroes Burn feature in a Dark Ritual leading to Enhanced Summon power. The decision on what to do with the locked utility tokens and Heroes Burn was ongoing for a long time, and now the community has got clarity.

Options to spend the Locked Utility Tokens

During this event, users will have the option to spend 4X the cost of the liquid token. But this option is available only for selected features. These include Dark Summoning, Pet Hatching, and Duels.

More of the same features DeFi Kingdoms will add to the system in the future. With them, too, users will have the option to spend 4X the cost of the liquid token. The updates will also include the option to burn the locked liquidity tokens. In the event, 75% of the locked will be burned, and 25% will remain to be distributed in the community.

DeFi Kingdoms, Тёмный призыв, событие Тёмного призыва, Dark Summoning
Summon new heroes during the Dark Summoning

In the event of Dark Summoning, users can call upon new heroes with enhanced features and functions. In this, users are allowed to spend utility tokens and burn two Heroes used for Summoning.

Plus, players will get additional benefits from Heroes that have a higher rarity or when they have more summons remaining.

The development team is pitching and working hard to bring in these new features to the platform. Even so, these features will be added to the DeFi Kingdoms irrespective of the outcome of the tokenomics proposal.

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