The new report details revenue from all mobile apps for the previous financial year. The figures are still impressive. All mobile apps earned more than $500 billion in 2022. $167 million (33.2%) came from in-store purchases. The rest came from advertising.

Very surprisingly, games only accounted for 35% of total advertising revenue. That said, if there were no major platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, gaming apps would have generated around 70% of ad revenue. report

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Elsewhere, games continue to lead the way: users will have made a total of $167 billion in in-app purchases in 2022, with in-game purchases accounting for 66% of that amount. 98% of all in-store gaming revenue comes from IAP purchases, of which 50% comes from the AppStore, 27% from Google Play, and the rest from third-party Android app shops.

Hyper-casual games were the leading genre for mobile ad revenue generation in 2022, followed by other casual genres like puzzle and simulation. The top five mobile game genres alone accounted for more than half of all ad revenue monetization by all mobile apps across the included ad networks.

The US accounted for 46% of all advertising revenue. Candy Crush Saga, ROBLOX, Coin Master, Royal Match, and Pokémon GO were among the top ten most profitable games in the US.

Overall, as the situation in the games and apps market shows, revenues will continue to grow steadily, the other question is which apps will take the lead?

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