Mobile games publishing platform Coda gives up to 10 thousand dollars to viral game concepts with its latest event named Viral Concept Challenge. In this event, participants are required to come up with a mobile game concept based on an idea that is going viral on social media.

What are the steps of the Viral Concept Challenge?

In the Viral Concept Challenge, participants are expected to find a trend relevant to something that is going viral on social media and make a detailed game description by referencing it.

After the participants submit their game ideas, the Coda team examines the ideas. The owners of the selected ideas will be rewarded with a thousand dollars for both making and testing the game.

Then the selected game will be put to the test and the results of this test will be shared transparently with the winner. After the test, if the game fits the criteria of Coda, the developer(s) will win a $10.000 prize and a publishing contract with Coda.

Social media trends influence mobile games

Social media has rapidly changed with new trends and new products suitable for these trends. As such, many game categories, especially hyper-casual, also benefit from social media trends. This event of Coda aims to reach developers who have created a game from social media trends and can make this game viral in their field.

In addition to this, the event will take the first step for developers to work with Coda with the publisher contract award.