According to Bloomberg, Capcom wants to significantly increase its presence in India over the next ten years. In an interview with Bloomberg, the company’s chief operating officer Haruhito Tsujimoto revealed that the company plans to sell more games in the country than in China by the end of that timeframe.

He pointed out that the gaming market in India is growing rapidly. The company intends to capitalize on this and raise its annual game sales from 100,000 copies to 2 million copies.

Within 5-10 years, the Indian market will grow exponentially. The youth who like games will get older and the country’s economy will grow. India’s population has already surpassed that of China. Given that, we can expect to do better there than in China.

Haruhito Tsujimoto, Chief Operating Officer at Capcom

To boost sales, the company is looking to partner with local organizations. It also wants to release more games on mobile devices, India’s most popular gaming platform. According to Niko Partners, 96.8% of Indian gamers now play on smartphones.