shows Brawl Stars by Supercell earned $86.3 million in the last 12 months. The U.S. accounted for $40 million; South Korea accounted for $16.7 million. Brawl Stars has earned more than $2 billion over the course of its existence.

  • The game joins 39 other games and 12 apps that have crossed that mark.
  • Brawl Stars, released on softloch in June 2017, is the most successful mobile Brawl game in history.
  • The game has been downloaded 37 million times in the last 12 months. Brazil, Turkey, and the US have contributed the most. In total, the game has been downloaded 376 million times.

This achievement is even more remarkable because game accomplished it within just six years of its initial launch. This makes it the highest revenue-generating action brawl game to date, outperforming notable competitors like One Piece Bounty Rush and Space Arena. In fact, Brawl Stars has secured its place in the top charts alongside other gaming behemoths such as Clash of Kings and Bingo Blitz.