Developer Brace Yourself Games has opened a new publishing division, Brace Yourself Publishing, which specializes in independent developer games. The publisher will now focus on a smaller client base.

Brace Yourself Games is known for such games as Crypt of the NecrodancerCadence of Hyrule and Phantom Brigade. The company plans to use the accumulated experience to build its portfolio to help release smaller developers’ games.

Unlike large publishers, Brace Yourself will focus on a small sample of games the company loves and believes in. The studio is looking for unique games with increased replayability in genres with a large player base.

The publisher accepts submissions on the official website regardless of project stages and will assist with aspects of promotion, publishing, marketing, press outreach, business development and trailer creation.

Benefits of Brace Yourself Games

Independent developers benefit from being able to retain creative control over the final product, but it makes it difficult for creators to attract audience attention to the games. The publisher’s focus is on monetizing games, which means the developer’s original vision is lost as the publisher strives to create an appealing game that pays for itself.

Brace Yourself’s strategy is to create unique games within popular genres. The company intends to show developers that working with a publisher will not lead to a situation where the final product differs from the original vision.

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