Video blockchain gaming company BoomBit has launched BoomLand, a top blockchain gaming platform where players and game developers can earn NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the form of $BOOM and $BGEM tokens.

BoomLand is a cutting-edge Blockchain Gaming Platform delivering a new gaming experience. The vision is to create a fresh Web 3.0 Community for players by players, with its own Metaverse, Marketplace and Play And Earn ecosystem that is accessible for all.    

BoomLand will allow the first-ever direct interaction between multiple game developers and players on the blockchain, where they will be able to earn NFT’s and cryptocurrency in the form of $BOOM and $BGEM Tokens.

In BoomLand’s Metaverse, players will connect directly with game developers and with one another and help steer the course for the future of the Platform. 

The idea for BoomLand arose from the massive market demand for quality games in the blockchain gaming world. A lack of quality among current titles inspired BoomLand to enter the market for ‘Web 3.0 game development’, a.k.a. Blockchain video games. 

The BoomLand platform operates as a ‘Decentralized Autonomous Organization’ (DAO) where gamers play a major role in deciding how the platform evolves. 

BoomLand has a very experienced development team capable of delivering highly enjoyable Blockchain games. The ‘Play and Earn’ Blockchain gaming market is in its infancy, but already has a staggering $21 billion valuation. This rapid success is partly due to the high sales of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). In 2021 there were $25 billion dollars in NFT sales.  

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With 200+ games published to date and over 1 billion downloads under our belt in the last decade, we are confident of achieving similar success in the blockchain gaming sphere.

Hannibal Soares, founder of BoomLand
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