Mobile game publisher and developer Azur Games announced the launch of the NFT initiative. Their first project – Axes 2.0 Metaverse, the sequel to the acclaimed

Axes 2.0 Metaverse players will be able to use NFT technology to trade and exchange unique in-game items. The project will receive $2 million in funding, and the company is planning to spend more than $10 million on the NFT initiative next year.

NFT (non-fungible token) is a non-interchangeable digital token. It can’t be faked, altered or copied, which means players are guaranteed to be the sole owners of specific in-game items and other things.

We see great potential in players being able to have real proof of ownership when it comes to unique in-game items and characters. If trading and collecting are a big part of the game’s meta, not having this feature is an enormous missed opportunity. NFTs offer a unique approach in this regard

Dmitry Yaminsky, co-founder of Azur Games

It’s been reported that users will keep all earned assets forever with the prospect to use them in future projects. To maintain the value of in-game items and currency, the developers plan to create a deflationary economy; for instance, upgrading a character will require burning some of the tokens permanently.

Every NFT in Axes Metaverse can also be sold on a public marketplace in exchange for metaverse tokens, the launch of the first version of which is planned in December.

The company representatives shared that blockchain-based Axes Metaverse will include a number of regions (continents), each inhabited by unique characters, and the world will develop in episodes. Currently, the Metaverse consists of several continents:

  • Kingdom of Valoran – the land of humans.
  • Kingdom of Loroten – the land of elves.
  • Wasteland of Carnage – the land of orcs.
  • Magic Forest – the land of treants.
  • Black Mist Lands – the land of the undead.
  • Void Maelstrom – the land of void elves.
  • Machinarium – the land of mechs.

All seven races are playable and there are more on the way. It’s been reported that the initial game asset offering and the marketplace will both launch by the end of this year.

The company posted other details on the project website.

According to the company’s co-founder, Azur Games is actively looking for new developers for future projects that feature NFTs. They plan to invest over $10 million in this initiative next year. is a top-down PvE battle royale game. The game has approximately 35 million downloads and over 30,000 DAU. The project reportedly brought in up to half a million dollars in peak months.

Azur Games is an international mobile game developer and publisher with headquarters in Larnaka and offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, and Dubai. Azur Games has over 2 billion total downloads, making them one of the top 5 publishers in the world. Their portfolio includes more than 100 successful projects, such as Stack Ball, Worms Zone, Bottle Jump and many more.