The App Radar integrates OpenAI tools into its workflow to make it easier to analyse user feedback, as well as to better understand player sentiment.

A side note: Kwalee introduces AI technology into game development

The new App Radar technology allows companies to analyse hundreds of user reviews without having to do it manually. It also enables results to be filtered by various factors, such as application, country and date range.

App Radar integrates

We are pleased to offer this powerful competitor research tool to help app marketers cut through the noise and make faster decisions. Using the power of Generative AI, we can provide companies with specific information from the thousands of reviews that are publicly available.

Greta Ling, Head of Growth at AppRadar

Thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence tools, it is no longer necessary to manually analyse and display statistics. And while it may seem like a controversial decision, in fact, introducing AI into the workflow is already a common practice among many companies.