Three times more than the revenue of Latvian and Estonian gamedevs combined. Ukrainian GameDev Dou portal talked to Lithuanian developers about the state of the Lithuanian game industry. There are more than 100 game companies based in Lithuania now. This is three times more than in 2018.

According to Lithuanian Deputy Minister of Economy and Innovation Egle Markeviciute, there are 3 thousand gamedev professionals in the country. Of these, 27% are women. However, the Lithuanian Game Developers Association (LZKA) estimates that 2.5 thousand people are employed in local gamedev.

The Lithuanian gaming industry generates €225 million a year. This is three times more than the game industries of Latvia and Estonia combined. Most of the amount is accounted for by mobile game companies.

Simonas Sturys, Head of Marketing at Nordcurrent

The average salary in Lithuanian gaming companies is €4600. If we talk about specific companies, it is €5520 in No Brakes Games, €3814 in Nordcurrent Group (€3352 for women and €3954 for men), and €3447 in Estoty Vilnius (€2919 for women and €3563 for men).

GameDev Dou’s interlocutors also pointed out that many both foreign and local teams do not add Lithuanian localization to their games because it is expensive.

This is a very sad situation. We have very few games with Lithuanian language in them. Unless sometimes such releases are supported by the government, but this almost never happens.

Rytis Jadzevičius, head of the LZKA and CEO of Fluxo Games

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