Ludo (from the Latin for “I play”), created by Jet Play, is the product of a global team of AI PhDs and game developers. This platform uses artificial intelligence to help game development teams create original game concepts based on their input. Ludo analyzes this data against its database of 1 million games and 2.5 million images to inspire new ideas almost instantly. Ludo also integrates with stores to analyze graphs and streamline the game development process with automatic document creation for game development.

The toolkit has introduced many new productivity tools that provide developers with everything they need to build their games. 

Ludo recently announced the addition of Slack integration and GDD (Game design document) collaboration features.

The newest innovation of the platform is a unique data centre. Keeping track of the latest trends in the gaming industry has never been more important for developers looking to create their next game. Ludo brings together all the research a game developer might need under one roof. This data centre can help teams keep their finger on the pulse and see what’s hot in the industry, from data on popular game genres in a specific country to popular topics and keywords on the platform. The data centre allows you to filter trends on the platform by:

  • Keywords – what words and phrases are currently used in the most popular trending games.
  • Themes – which themes and genres are currently popular with users and how these trends have changed over a specified period.
  • Genre – which genres are the most popular and in which countries of the world it is most relevant
  • Styles – which style and look is getting the most attention on the platform
  • Mechanics – what game mechanics are viewers looking for right now

Tom Pigott, CEO of Jet Play says:

In such a fast-paced and constantly adapting industry, it is more important than ever for developers and studios to keep their finger on the pulse of the latest gaming trends when developing their next great idea,” says Ludo’s new Trends feature will allow teams to analyze relevant, detailed trend data that, in turn, provide invaluable information and inspiration regarding what users are currently gravitating towards. Ultimately, this will benefit the development of projects in the short, medium and long term.

Tom Pigott, CEO of Jet Play

Ludo uses machine learning and natural language processing to propose game ideas on demand, helping to inspire developers. Users set parameters by providing keywords, natural language descriptions, game mechanics, or images. Ludo returns immediately with a few written game concepts, illustrations, and imagery, analyzing its growing database.