Adaptive streaming video ads, created through a partnership between SeenThis and Adverty, bring innovative formats to the world of gaming. According to Jonas Söderqvist, CEO of Adverty, this enhances the quality of immersion in the leading in-game environments.

The company has announced a global partnership with Swedish technology company SeenThis.

This collaboration will enable the programmatic delivery of creatives to the gaming environment through preferred platforms (DSP). This approach will set a new standard for immersive, smooth, high-quality in-game video advertising.

The demand for video advertising formats has not diminished. In the U.S. alone, digital video ad spending is up 49% in 2021, with an expected $50 billion in 2022.

Adverty and SeenThis create ad space in contextually appropriate positions and ensures optimal engagement and effectiveness.

At a time when programmatic video advertising continues to grow, we are excited to announce our global partnership with SeenThis to bring video advertising to in-game advertising. This greatly enhances the immersive experience of our leading in-game environments: smooth, high-quality, and fast-display video ad units are now available in all of our formats.

Jonas Cederquist, CEO of Adverty
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