1. Learn to Let Go

In today’s market, most games don’t make it. When you’re invested in a game and if fails, it’s hard to let it go – but sometimes that’s what you need to do. Cut your losses and move on to the next adventure – don’t get stuck on a game that’s not going to make it to the top.

2. Don’t Copy

It goes without saying, but here’s the logical explanation if you need it: if you copy a #1 game, once your game is ready for release, the CPI would usually be way higher than what it was when you first decided to copy. Get inspired, but don’t copy.

3. Stay Relevant

If you want to get to the top charts, you need to work on a game that’s communicating with today’s market. Make sure your game is a good fit for the charts at least by these parameters’ art style, gameplay, difficulty, level design and overall game flow.

4. Think Fast, Work Faster

The hyper-casual market is hyped 😉 Always push yourself forward. Don’t wait for tomorrow if you can do more today. You never know who is working on a game similar to yours, and the last thing you want is someone beating you to the punch.

5. Go the Extra Mile

Always bring your own input to the game. Your publishing manager and the team will offer their feedback and suggest ways to improve the game, but you are the developer of the game – so act like and own it!