And so, what is Live-Ops – these are regular and relevant in-game events, in simple terms. At a certain point in time, the game includes events that have a clear and understandable goal, quite measurable KPIs and lifespan. Let’s figure out how to do this, what is needed for this, and what it will give us.

1. Creativity is Key

Feeling successful & creative increases usage significantly. In “I Can Paint” we added simple steps before the level starts: players decide how many holes they want in the bucket, which colours and what canvas. It gives them a sense of control over the type of art they are creating – knowing the end results will be able ever so pretty.

2. Metagame is Gold

Metagame upgrades improve the usage of your game. Returning players (we love those!) always look for new content, new levels and new events. New players (we love those too!) are drawn when they see the game has extensive in the game.

3. Level Funnel Analysis

Don’t miss a chance to improve levels with a high churn rate, and try to deduct what caused it. The graph here is from an ASMR Slicing funnel analysis. ALL the “bad” levels turned out to be the exact same challenge. Players clearly disliked it, and ongoing analysis helped us find out and replace it.

4. Arts & Crafts

Art improvements are not something you necessarily do before scaling – but it’s important to create something you’re proud of, nonetheless. You won’t believe how many times the right art increases engagement, just because the game suddenly becomes clearer.

5. Listen to Your Players

When it comes to LiveOps, listening to your players’ feedback can actually generate a steady stream of ideas. Trust us, your players will never miss an opportunity to tell you what your game is missing. BTW – the feedback you see in the visual here increased the ARPU by 20%!