1. Show Progression

Players need to instantly realize how to progress in the game – and they need to see in their own eyes what’s in it for them. Make sure this is visualized very clearly. Don’t hide it and don’t keep players guessing.

2. Keep It Simple

Your new players open your game and want to play – but they also want to win. If they can’t pass the 1-st level they won’t play anymore. Do not frustrate your players early on in the game. The more challenging levels? These can wait for a later stage in your game.

3. Excite Your Players

Introduce new features and concepts, so that your players know what is waiting for them if they play a little longer. They need to know there is more to discover. For starters, every 2-3 levels players should get an exciting new feature to play with.

4. Catch Your Players’ Attention

Get your players’ attention with an epic WOW moment early on in the game. There’s no need to save the good features to level 20б if eventually, your players won’t even reach it. The right WOW moment can make all the difference.

5. Let Them Play

Players (usually) download your game because they want to play it. The first thing they need to be able to do when they open the game – is to PLAY! Don’t make them click anything, choose something or sign in – just let them play.