The foundation

You need to create a gameplay video on at least 3-5 different levels. Try not to include long chains of actions in the video, as they will be challenging to edit. The video should be as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Try to edit 15 or 30 seconds of clean gameplay. You can show your result to colleagues or friends: if they understand how to play your game, everything is in order with the video.

Clip resolution

We recommend using a resolution of 1024×1280 (4: 5) with a frequency of 60 FPS. But, you can immediately save the video in 720×1280 (9:16) format to upload it to TikTok.

Video recording

If you are using Unity, you can use the built-in Recorder function. With its help, you can shoot footage without losing quality and a cursor wandering around the screen. Third-party screen recording software won’t give you the perfect quality.

Bright moments

The video should show the main gameplay but at the same time include bright moments. These are the moments that will be able to attract the attention of the audience. It is also an excellent opportunity to showcase the most exciting elements of the game. You can use sound effects, text with stickers (if users watch the video without sound) to focus the viewer’s attention


It is essential to show in the video winning, winning moments, and moments with failures. You can start the video with a failed gameplay at different levels – the players will see other options for the walkthroughs and feel that they figured everything out and did it better.