Sunday has shared 5 tips, tricks, and little bits of practical wisdom for aspiring hyper-casual game developers. Experts from the game development division have highlighted the most useful tips.

Tip #1

Think about monetizing the user as early in production as possible. Smashing monetization on top of a finished game can harm your revenue & KPIs.

Vladislav Ladizhenski, Head of Growth

Tip #2

Don’t take the first idea you have. Take some time to research & get more diverse inspirations, then pick one idea that you love the most.

André Noller, Game Lead

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Tip #3

Don’t get emotionally attached to your prototypes. If they don’t perform well, be ready to kill them to move on to more marketable ideas.

Umut Onel, Game Lead

Tip #4

Always create and export reusable code modules from previous projects to speed up the workflow and optimize time management.

Aykut Yılmaz, Game Developer

Tip #5

Stay curious and explore beyond Hyper-Casual: learn from AAA games, research Unity updates, & new shader techniques – you name it!

Daniel Gerlich, Game Lead