Blockchain is becoming deeply intertwined with the mobile games sector. This article presents the top 5 games from a catalogue of mobile games with blockchain functionality. The list comprises titles that are available on app stores and will expand to titles playable through alternative means.

1. Battlepalooza

Battlepalooza is a digital game show in the form of a battle royale, where real-world cities are your arenas. It is designed for players of all skill levels. You don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to stand a chance. Compete in real-time against live contestants from around the world for valuable prizes. Be the last of the 24 contestants to survive to take home the big loot!

2. Moonfrost

Moonfrost is a 2D metaverse developed by Oxalis Games that starts off as a small town and grows into a world. A social, online game where you can make friends, rescue animals, raise them, have adventures, fall in love, earn money and trade with other players.

3. The 7th Seal

The 7th Seal is a tactical, turn-based, medieval strategy game with play-to-earn features made by Legacy Gameworks. Play alone, compete online and embark on an epic struggle to claim the empty throne.

4. Quantum Noesis

Quantum Noesis is a puzzle-driven narrative in a graphic novel style by Synesis One. Players solve puzzles to advance the story. As a player, you are an elite gamer recruited to help keep the system safe. Use your wits to solve puzzles and thwart attackers. Clear the twelve levels and find the key to unlock the ultimate puzzle: the mystery of consciousness. Winner(s) earn sizable $SNS rewards.

5. Photo Finish Live

Photo Finish Live is a play-to-earn virtual horse racing ecosystem where you can race against other real-life owners and create generations and generations of unique offspring featuring the most advanced simulated genetic breeding algorithm in the world. Build and breed your stable of champions, and generate real revenue for yourself while you do it!

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These are only the top 5 games in the catalogue, which contains 52 projects. Follow the link to see all of them.