SocialPeta shared a report about 2023 Global Mobile Games Marketing Trends. There were two major marketing trends in the global mobile games market in 2023: a rising number of advertisers, and increases in the proportion and number of new creatives.

In 2023, the overall gaming market had been experiencing a pullback after its peak during the pandemic. Economic turmoil and slump also constituted a further challenge to game developers. Beset by unsatisfactory downloads, IAP revenue, and market saturation, game developers had to look for growth opportunities in emerging markets and try mixed-paying systems.

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There were over 40K monthly mobile game advertisers in 2023, up nearly 50% YoY. Similar to the trends in 2022, most media buying activities were at the beginning of the year and in May and June.

Southeast Asia surpassed Oceania to come in third with its monthly mobile game advertisers and had 135 monthly creatives per advertiser, the highest among all regions.

SLG game advertisers remained stable compared to 2022, but SLG game creatives declined 2.08%. Casino game advertisers and creatives both increased over 1%.

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