Rollic Games, a subsidiary of Zynga Inc., a global leader in interactive entertainment, today announced that it has recently completed acquisitions of mobile game studios ByteTyper, Creasaur Entertainment and ZeroSum.

All three studios have previously collaborated with Rollic and will now continue to work under the auspices of Rollic Games. Turkish studios have created a series of hyper-casual hits, including:

These studios create visually immersive games, and we are thrilled to share their creativity and technical skills with Rollic Games. This deal builds on our strategy of expanding our internal developer network to support live services with constant creative updates and adds to our portfolio of games.

Burak Vardal, co-founder of Rollic Games

On top of everything else, Zynga is now gearing up to expand beyond the empire’s mobile gaming and tackle console projects. This was stated by the president of Zynga, Bernard Kim, in an interview for the IGN portal.

The first game will be Star Wars: Hunters, a multiplayer battle arena that launches on iOS, Android and Switch early next year. This is a big step for a studio that has firmly established itself in mobile and browser gaming over 14 years.

Zynga will remain a mobile company. We will not create games exclusively for consoles or PCs. We are interested in cross-platform functionality. Furthermore, we want to reach a wider audience, so other monetization models may simply not work. Free games and mobile devices are vital pillars for us.

Bernard Kim, President of Zynga