Mobile games have developed at an incredible pace over the past few years, literally treading side by side with console and PC games. The number of mobile projects that have literally brought gold to their developers on Pocketgamer’s list is in the dozens. We present you 10 mobile games that are the best and have managed to earn more than $1 billion over the years.

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Lineage 2M

Lineage 2M is the mobile version of the Korean MMORPG Lineage 2, and in the first three months after its release, the game generated $152 million in revenue. Monthly revenue of the game is more than $12 million, which provides more than 10 thousand daily players. At the moment, the total revenue of the game for 2 years is about 970 million dollars.

Toon Blast

Speaking about this game, the sum gets even more serious: the game has earned almost $1.5 billion. It is one of the few games in the Match genre that has managed to bring in so much revenue. The simple gameplay, colourful artwork, and cartoon characters all helped the game earn such an exorbitant sum.

Marvel: Contest of Champions

In December 2019, this game already had almost 3 billion hours of playtime, and the total amount of money earned so far is $1.3 billion. The point of the game itself is to assemble a pair of superheroes, of which there are 26 in total, and get them to fight each other. All in all, for fighting game fans, this is it.

State of Survival

The theme of the zombie apocalypse has always appealed to players, and it’s certain that the developers simply couldn’t get past mobile devices. With 115 million downloads, it managed to earn $1.3 billion. In 2021, Huawei awarded State of Survival the Best Strategy Award at the Appmagic Editor’s Choice Awards, citing its multi-level gameplay and integration of various strategy game features as the reason for its decision.

Clash of Kings

Another strategy on this list has managed to avoid the fate of many of its brethren. It has been consistently popular and continues to be so long after its release, generating $4 million a month for its creators. In total, the strategy has earned $1.5 billion since its release in 2014.

Genshin Impact 

It’s not at all surprising to bring this game here, as its popularity is not in question. According to a report by, Genshin Impact has become the most profitable game of 2022, generating $150 million in revenue each month. Together, the game has grossed a staggering $3 billion over 2 years, making it one of the most profitable, if not the most profitable mobile games in the industry’s history.

Rise of Kingdoms

The strategy game from Lilith Games is an example of how to get the capabilities of your team right and make a really good game. The project has brought in $2.1 billion for its creators over time, making it one of the genre leaders in China in 2020.

CoD: Mobile 

Virtually being one of the most popular games in the mobile shooter market, CoD: Mobile has managed to earn $1.1 billion since its release in 2019. This figure is due, among other things, to the popularity of the entire franchise on “older” platforms, where it has sold half a billion copies.


Incredibly popular with players from China, PUBG has earned a respectable $6 billion since its release in 2017. Monthly generation is currently at $160 million, making both of these figures almost the highest on this list.

Pokemon GO

I think everyone remembers that time, when videos of dozens of people with smartphones in their hands looking for pokémon around the neighbourhood, in the streets, in the parks went viral online. Unsurprisingly, just one year later, it brought in $1 billion for developers, a figure that has now increased 4.8-fold. And even now, six years after its release, the game’s popularity is not in any way diminished, but only continues to gain momentum.

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